It’s been a decade since the Sevier County Fairgrounds were completely rebuilt. 

“Sometimes we forget what we had,” said Malcolm Nash, Sevier County administrator. “It’s become such an asset to us.”

Nash said the county embarked on the mission of replacing the fairgrounds years before the first shovel of dirt was turned. 

“The commission at the time had put away some money, knowing that they wanted to replace the fairgrounds,” Nash said. From there, Sevier County was given a funding package from the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board, which cemented the financing for the $3.8 million project.

Looking at pictures of the facilities prior to the reconstruction, Nash said he was reminded of how badly needed the facility was. 

“Our livestock barn was built like 70 years before and was completely used up,” Nash said. “We didn’t even have an exhibit hall, just the old topaz barracks.”

The new facility was constructed in a manner of months, with demolition occurring in the winter. 

“The contractors at the time [Kier Construction] really made it happen,” Nash said. He said enough of the facility was completed by the end of the summer that the county could take possession and host the fair. 

“It’s good to reflect on our successes,” Nash said. 

One effect of the new fairgrounds is that it has broadened its use. It’s become home to various events, such as banquets for Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited and the National Rifle Association. It has also been used to host concerts and large public meetings.

 It has also hosted banquets, programs and company parties.

“There were people who thought we wouldn’t use it,” said Sevier County Commissioner Tooter Ogden. “But it’s used for all types of things now.”

Ogden said the fairgrounds have become an asset to the community and that he would like to see even more events hosted at them. 

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