Firefighters spend Independence Day running

Fireworks explode overhead while a fire is extinguished near Interstate 70 July 4, in Richfield. The night proved to be busy for first response agencies.

Being a volunteer firefighter means that the Fourth of July is rarely a day off. 

This year proved no exception for firefighters and other first responders in Sevier County. 

Firefighters from Salina in the north to Monroe in the south responded to a total of 12 calls in a two-hour span the night of July 4, according to Alicia Gleave, Richfield Communications Center manager.

“No one place was special when it came to the fires,” Gleave said. 

 In all, the dispatch center had 40 911 calls from roughly between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. on Independence Day.

“We usually only have maybe 40 911 calls a day,” Gleave said.

Several fires were reported in Richfield, the first being in a neighborhood shortly after the town’s parade. The fire was contained to underneath a porch, and firefighters were able to stop it before it damaged the home. 

Other fires were reported during and shortly after the city’s annual fireworks display. 

The largest fire reported was started in some brush and weeds by the fireworks display. It was located on the east side of Interstate 70 and was extinguished before it could cause any property damage. 

Other minor fires were reported throughout the evening without any property damage. 

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