Locals gather to help women – Reaching out to help those in need

Community members come together to create and assemble kits to assist women and girls across the world with their feminine hygiene needs at a Days for Girls gathering in Redmond, Feb. 27.

REDMOND – Community members are reaching out to help women across the world by participating in sewing events, which have been organized by Marcia Bosshardt. The monthly sewing events are hosted in Redmond to benefit the non-profit organization Days for Girls.

Bosshardt came across a sewing pattern while at a quilting retreat. After which, she looked into the organization behind the cause. Days for Girls is an international organization founded by Celeste Mergens in 2008. The purpose of the organization is to supply reusable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls throughout the world. 

“Each assembled kit can last up to three years,” Bosshardt said. “Many women don’t have the benefit of modern feminine hygiene products and have to use what is available, which in certain areas of the world means sitting on cardboard in a shed during their menstrual cycle and results in missing days of school or work. The kits literally change the lives of the women and girls that receive them.”

Bosshardt set a goal to produce 100 kits. After getting started and assembling a few kits, she realized each kit takes approximately 10 hours of sewing and more hands were going to be needed to meet the 100-kit goal. She reached out to the community and began organizing Days for Girls sewing get-togethers. To date, more than 30 locals have volunteered and assisted.

The most recent sewing gathering, which was the sixth Bosshardt has hosted, took place Feb. 27. The event drew approximately 20 volunteers, 13 of whom were first-timers, and the group worked on putting together various components of the kits. The completed kits will be shipped and distributed to women across the world by humanitarian organizations. 

“We had a great turn out,” Bosshardt said. “I knew some of the regulars had other commitments and wouldn’t be able to attend. It was a wonderful surprise to have the turn out we did, and to have 13 new volunteers participate.”

Bosshardt welcomes any and all who would like to volunteer, including individuals who do not sew, as there are a variety of ways to contribute. 

The fabric, patterns and snaps are provided at the Days for Girls events. 

Participants who are able are asked to bring a working sewing machine, needles, scissors and dark colored 100 percent polyester thread. 

The next Days for Girls event is slated for Wednesday, March 27, at 10 a.m. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact Bosshardt at (435) 529-7148. 

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