Burglary leaves behind victim, two suspects – Months of investigative effort put into recovery

Coins recovered during the investigation of a burglary in Aurora. Two people were arrested, but the majority of the property taken is still being sought.

AURORA — A burglary of what is believed to be in excess of $400,000 of collectable coins, precious metals, guns and cash resulted in two arrests, but has left a victim behind who will likely never fully recover what was taken.

“We’ve recovered about a third of what was taken,” said Det. Kris Larsen, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. “That’s the sad thing … this has created a true victim.”

The victim had been collecting precious metals and coins for decades, using them as his retirement investment and also setting them aside for his children and grandchildren to one day inherit, Larsen said. 

However, the burglary has ruined much of those plans.

Discovered and reported March 19, the burglars had taken a trove of items from an Aurora home. 

“Our victim is a very private person and not very many people knew what he had,” Larsen said. He said the victim had invested in a top of the line safe for the collection of valuables. However, one of the suspects had become friends with the victim and saw the collection.

Dayne Hansen, 35, Venice, was the first suspect identified by detectives in April. 

Since that time detectives have been working to recover as much as they can. 

“It’s been nonstop since it was reported,” Larsen said. He said since the reported theft, there probably hasn’t been a day detectives haven’t spent time working on the case. 

It’s taken months of investigation and cooperation with other agencies, including the Millard County Sheriff’s Office, Adult Probation and Parole, Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshals and the Henderson Police Department in Nevada.

“This was the result of diligent investigation and cooperation with other agencies,” said Det. Sgt. Allen Pearson, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office.

When the initial report came in, the victim described a gun. The gun had actually been recovered the day before as part of an unrelated investigation, which led detectives to Hanson and his alleged accomplice, Joshua Rolfe, 43, Magna. 

Hanson was arrested April 4. Rolfe, who had a warrant for his arrest from the Utah Board of Pardons, was captured by the U.S. Marshal’s Office in Duchesne County June 12. He was then returned to the Utah State Prison.

Much of what was stolen had already been pawned or fenced out of state. However, detectives found evidence that at least three vehicles were purchased with the proceeds of the stolen items. 

Several search warrants were issued, uncovering some of the stolen items along with drugs and related paraphernalia. 

While chances are slim, Pearson said he and the other detectives are still working on the investigation with the hope of finding more of the filched items. 

“We’ve spent hundreds of hours on this case,” Pearson said. “What makes it worth it is when you can return something to its rightful owner.”

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