Abuse crime – Man sentenced to 15 years to life in sexual abuse case

Timothy Snow

A man charged with years of sexual abuse, who entered into a plea deal in October 2019, was sentenced last week in Sixth District Court. 

Timothy Snow, 30, Richfield, was originally charged with 12 counts rape of a child, 12 counts unlawful sexual activity with a minor, three counts sodomy and nine charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. The charges stemmed from a two-year relationship Snow had with a juvenile female that started when she was 13 years old, according to court documents. 

Snow eventually pleaded guilty to three first-degree felony charges of sexual abuse of a child. 

“Both parties knew going into this that it was going to a prison recommendation,” said Casey Jewkes, Sevier County attorney. He said a presentencing investigation compiled by Utah Adult Probation and Parole recommended a 15-years to life sentence.

“There is no reason to deviate from that,” Jewkes said. “This wasn’t just some chance encounter Mr. Snow had with the victim … he was a father figure to this little girl. He watched her grow up … in his own words he said, ‘I took advantage of her.’”

Jewkes said the impact of the abuse made victims not only of the girl, but her entire family.

“My heart is filled with sadness and anger,” said the victim’s mother. 

The victim’s mother offered a victim’s impact statement in which said the years of abuse transformed her daughter from a vibrant, happy girl into a sullen and withdrawn person.

“She still does not know that she’s the victim,” the mother said. She said Snow came into her family’s life during a divorce, when the daughter was approximately six years old, and offered help. They even lived in the same home for a while.

However, behind the scenes Snow had initiated a sexual relationship with the girl — unbeknownst to her parents, according to the mother. 

“She never got to be a normal girl,” the mother said. 

The victim’s father also read a victim impact statement. 

“Tim knew my daughter when she was only six,” the father said. “Her innocence was stolen by a man she trusted, by a man her family trusted.”

The case came to police’s attention in June 2018, after the girls’ parents reported finding sexually explicit material on her phone. The girl, 15 at the time, explained that she had been in a consensual relationship with Snow for approximately two years, according to the charging documents. Snow admitted the sexual activity to police, who then charged him.

“I do take full responsibility,” Snow said. “If I could go back and change it, I would. It shouldn’t have happened.”

Judge Wallace Lee issued the 15 years to life sentence.

“The victim has no responsibility in this,” Lee said. “It’s probably one of the most devastating things a child could have in their life.”

In addition to prison, he left the issue of restitution open so that Snow could be financially responsible for any counseling the victim will need as a result of the abuse.

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