Regional pandemic update – COVID-19 claims first fatalities in Sevier County

The first deaths in Sevier County due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been noted by the Central Utah Public Health Department.

The Central Utah Public Health Department released details of Sevier County’s first death due to COVID-19, July 22. 

The next day a second death attributed to the disease was announced by the CUPHD.

The first death was a female, between the ages of 45-64, and was not hospitalized prior to her death. She was initially reported to be a resident of a long-term care facility, however she was not. 

The subject had only been in Sevier County for a short time prior to her death, according to information released by the CUPHD.

The second death was a male between the ages of 65 and 84. He is believed to have been exposed to the disease out of state, according to the CUPHD.

CUPHD was unable to determine any comorbidities in the first patient — meaning that coronavirus was the primary factor in her death. 

“CUPHD reminds everyone that the coronavirus is still surging throughout Utah, and caution should be taken when you are in public,” said Mike Grimlie, public information officer for the CUPHD. He said the health department strongly encourages everyone to wear masks when in public, especially if indoors, such as at a store or retail establishment, and even outdoors if you are unable to maintain at least six feet of separation from others not of your household.

Retailers, such as Walmart and Lin’s Fresh Market, started requiring facemask use in their facilities last week.

“Please wash your hands often, and sanitize commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, keyboards and countertops frequently,” Grimlie said. “Also, please stay home if you are not feeling well, especially if you have a fever, cough, body aches, or a change in your sense of smell or taste. If you have any of those symptoms, please contact your health care provider and schedule a test for the coronavirus.”

The CUPHD also announced Wayne County’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 last week. This case was a child between the ages of 1 and 14 years old and is listed as recovering at home. 

As of Tuesday there have been 348 confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses in the Six County region, and more than 9,460 people tested. 

Of those confirmed cases, 206 are listed as recovered. 

This leaves 14 active cases in Sevier County, 37 in Sanpete, 61 in Millard, 28 in Juab, none in Piute and the single case in Wayne.  

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