A $50 Confederate note was used to pay for fuel at Premium Oil in Salina June 25. An unidentified woman with California plates en route to Colorado made the purchase, and Salina police are urging local businesses to take notice.

SALINA — A woman stopping for fuel at Premium Oil in Salina used a $50 Confederate note to make her purchase June 25.

According to Salina Police, an unidentified female driving a gold ’90s model Ford F-150 with California license plates convinced the attendant at the station to allow her to use the bill to purchase approximately $45 worth of gas.

“After the employee turned on the pump, he was suspicious, so he took the bill to a local bank,” said Police Chief Eric Pratt. “They verified it was not legitimate.”

Pratt said when the attendant returned to the station, the woman had already left.

The woman is an adult female in her 40s, but he said they don’t have a positive identification or a license plate number to help track down the individual.

As for the bill, Pratt said it turned out to be a facsimile bill, which means it isn’t worth much.

“I can tell you it feels like coloring book paper,” Pratt said. “I don’t recommend anyone accepting nonstandard bills like this one as an acceptable form of payment.”

Pratt said the woman mulled around the store before and after the purchase, and during that time asked for directions to Aspen, Colo. He said based on that information, there is a chance she may pass through the area.

“We’ll keep an eye out,” Pratt said. “I don’t anticipate we’ll find a suspect. I think she got lucky.”

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