Bike race draws more than 1,100 riders

Sevier Valley Trailblazers’ Richard Crane zips through the final obstacles on his way to finishing a race east of Glenwood Saturday afternoon. Crane raced on the JV portion of the Trailblazers as 1,114 athletes participated in the mountain bike race.

GLENWOOD — There was plenty of mountain bike action Saturday in Sevier County as 1,114 riders from the Utah National Interscholastic Cycling Association South Region raced. 

The riders included boys and girls in seventh through 12th grades. 

“Our team had 10 top 20 finishes and five top 10 finishes,” said Dave Graf, coach of the Sevier Valley Trailblazers. The Trailblazers include 25 members from all three of Sevier County’s attendance areas.

“The hotels and restaurants were packed,” Graf said. “There will be another race for the Utah NICA Central Region on Oct. 5.” 

Britten Christensen won the boys’ freshman race, completing two laps with a time of 49:59.21. 

Max Graf competed in the boys’ SLR division, coming up with a second place finish with a time of 25:53 on one lap.

Richard Crane completed the boys’ JV race with a time of 49:48.16 for two laps, earning himself second place. 

Kaden Olsen also ran in the boys’ JV, earning eighth place with a time of 58:23.65.

Jaxon DeMille finished in fifth place in the intermediate eighth grade boys division with a time of 24:00.28 for one lap.

The Trailblazers’ next race is in Cedar City Saturday, Sept 21. 

Jaron Peterson raced in boys’ varsity division for 24th overall. He completed four laps with a time of 1:37:27.03.

“We are so proud of our riders and their amazing improvements over the last few months of riding,” Graf said. “The league calls our team small but mighty.”

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