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Brandon Harrison acclimates to his new position as the regional technology coach for Central Utah Educational Services Thursday morning in Richfield. Harrison started at the position last week.

For the new regional technology coach at Central Utah Educational Services, starting a new job was like coming home.

Brandon Harrison grew up in Richfield, and accepting the position at CUES allows him to return to his roots.

“I want to bring some excitement to the job and have fun,” Harrison said.

As the technology coach, Harrison’s job is to learn how to use technology and software, and then train teachers and staff throughout CUES’ region, which includes the Sevier, Piute, Wayne, South Sanpete, North Sanpete, Juab and Tintic school districts.

“My job is to help teachers learn how to use programs that support what they are doing,” Harrison said. “With technology, everything has changed.”

CUES is designed to help save school districts money by pooling resources on purchases. In addition to computer and software resources, the organization also serves as a regional warehouse for physical media, such as books, DVDs and even filmstrips.

CUES was started in 1969 through a legislative mandate as one of four rural service regions. A board of directors that includes superintendents and charter schools governs each service area.

After graduating Richfield High School, Harrison attended school at Utah Valley University, the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center, and Utah State University. He earned bachelor’s degrees in physical education and history, and a master’s in adventure education.

Harrison then went to work teaching at the Murray City School District for 12 years. He said while he enjoyed living in the Salt Lake City area, he and his wife felt like they should move back to Richfield at some point.

“When the position opened up, I applied,” Harrison said.

Harrison and his wife, Jennifer, have four children and reside in Richfield.

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