One of the biggest questions concerning this year’s Independence Day celebration is “will the parade happen, and if so, what will it look like?” 

In Richfield, the parade is on. 

Mayor David Ogden said the city is aware of COVID-19 concerns, and is asking people to take appropriate precautions during the parade — stick to family groups, be mindful of social distancing and wear a mask. 

“It’s of gigantic importance to most people to see that flag marched down our Main Street,” Ogden said. “There is an order to a parade that people expect.”

The parade is also slated for broadcast on KTTA 8.1 and Centracom Local Channel 10, as well as through an Internet stream on 

“Maybe grandpa and grandma want to go, but don’t feel like they can due to the pandemic,” Ogden said. “This gives people an option and lets them know we are thinking of people my age and lets them feel at least somewhat involved.”

Ogden said the parade is a key part of the community’s signature celebration. 

“We want people to social distance out of wisdom and good judgment,” Ogden said. 

The parade is set to start Saturday, July 4, at 9:30 a.m. A full guide to this year’s Independence Day celebrations in south central Utah can be found starting on page 1B of this week’s edition of The Richfield Reaper.

While celebrations are moving forward, they have been trimmed down in most communities due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As of June 30, there were 152 confirmed diagnoses of coronavirus in the central Utah public health region, including 47 in Sevier County. Of those, 70 are listed as recovered, including 24 recovered patients in Sevier County, according to the Central Utah Public Health Department. No deaths from the virus have occurred in the central Utah region.

Between June 25 and 30, there were eight more cases diagnosed in Sevier County, four in Sanpete, two in Juab and 24 in Millard.

Nearly all of the cases are listed as recovering at home, with five hospitalizations in the central Utah region.

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