UDOT’s war on hunger – Region Four office again wins ‘can-gineering’ contest

This sculpture, created from cans of donated food, won the statewide “Can-gineering” contest, which is hosted among the Utah Department of Transportation’s various regions. Richfield-based Region Four won the contest for the second consecutive year in Sandy, Nov. 7.

Local Utah Department of Transportation Region Four employees and participating businesses contributed more than $8,800 in donations resulting in over 14,500 pounds of food to the Central Utah Food Sharing as part of their annual “Can-gineering” competition.

The donations are associated with an annual competition where UDOT regions and divisions design and build displays built from packaged food items that are then donated to food banks. 

“The self-supporting structures are featured as part of the UDOT annual conference held each year, which brings together employees and partners from across the state to explore the latest developments in various aspects of transportation,” said Kevin Kitchen, UDOT Communications Manager for Region Four. The competition encourages use of nutritional foods in construction of the structures.

The award winning entry this year went once again to UDOT Region Four, based in Richfield, and featured the Peanuts character, Snoopy, fighting the Red Baron. This is the second consecutive win for the Region Four office.

Several local businesses contributed to the project.

Laurie Huntsman led the “Can-gineering” efforts and creative work for Region Four’s entry in the contest. 

Individuals, groups or organizations interested in donating cans of food, services or materials to future efforts can contact Huntsman at lhuntsman@utah.gov for more information.

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