Clients of New Horizons Crisis Center in Richfield can sleep easier now due to a donation of equipment, expertise and labor.

Delta Fire Systems, headquartered in Salt Lake City, donated some $4,375 in material costs and approximately $3,460 in labor to repair a suppression tank with a malfunctioning valve at NHCC Aug. 23. The broken valve caused a leak, which turned into a flood in the summer. 

During a night shift in early July, a staff member noticed and tracked down an odd noise where she discovered a leak in an area where NHCC stores donated clothing. Having caught the issue early, staff members were able to relocate the donated clothing prior to it being damaged.

NHCC made an emergency call to Delta Fire Systems, who sent Mike Steadman from SLC to Richfield to assist. Steadman was able to fix the issue temporarily, but nearly $8,000 of upgrades and repairs were needed, and a proposal outlining the equipment and labor was put together. 

Delta Fire Systems’ proposal went as follows –

“On behalf of Delta Fire Systems please see the attached proposal for the repairs needed on your fire system. It was originally brought to our attention from Mike Steadman, who responded to your emergency call recently. He let us know what was needed and had asked personally if we could try and keep our price down for you and he would volunteer his time and labor to do the repairs, which was the domino that started it for everyone” according to the email sent to NHCC by Jim Reed, Delta Fire System sales. 

Delta Fire Systems contacted their vendors of the needed items, explained the situation and asked for any assistance they could offer with pricing. They were happy to help, according to Reed. 

“We appreciate the help you’re doing for the community and wanted to do our part to help you,” Reed said. “It has all come together. We have a few folks that will volunteer their labor and Delta Fire Systems will pick up any costs that weren’t 100 percent donated, so the repairs will not cost NHCC anything.”

A crew of five from Delta Fire Systems arrived at NHCC with the needed materials and completed the repairs. 

“We were stunned when we received the proposal from Delta Fire Systems,” said Renae Busk, shelter manager. “We could not be more appreciative of their thoughtfulness and efforts. To apply for grant funds would have taken up to six months, their huge contribution had the issue fixed in less than eight weeks.” 

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