The Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service is hosting its annual Winter Agronomic Crop Workshop Thursday, Jan. 18, at the Sevier County Fairgrounds.

The workshop is designed to provide research based educational information on locally important agricultural topics include including —

• Sevier County’s agronomic program update

• Alfalfa corn rotation nitrogen fertilizer study results

• Soil fertility pH and sulfur

• Selecting corn varieties

• On-farm demonstrations

• Irrigation outlook

• UDAF insect program

• Blue alfalfa aphid research results

• Spider mites in corn

• Curly dock and viper grass weed control research results.

• Irrigation management research

Presenters at the workshop will include extension specialists and local Utah Department of Agriculture and Food specialists.

“Troy Brosten, NRCS assistant snow survey supervisor will be a special guest speaking on weird weather and irrigation water outlook for 2018,” said Jody Gale, extension agent. “Participants can receive up to five continuing educational units toward renewal of pesticide licenses including four in use, and one in law.”

The workshop starts at 9:30 .am. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Those who want to attend can RSVP by calling the extension office at (435) 893-0470 or email

Lunch will be provided.

For more information, contact Gale at (435) 893-0470. The Sevier County Fairgrounds are located at 410 East 200 South in Richfield.

The schedule is as follows:

2018 - USU Extension - Sevier County

Winter Crop Workshop

January 18, 2018, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Sevier County Fair Building, 410 E. 200 S., Richfield, Utah

(5-Hours of Continuing Education Units for Pesticide Re-certification, 4 Use, 1 Law)

9:30 am Welcome, Introductions, Materials, Sevier County Agronomic Program Update

Jody A. Gale, USU Extension Agent Sevier County

9:40 am Alfalfa Corn Rotation Nitrogen Soil Fertility Research - Utah Results

Bailey Shafer, USU Extension MS Candidate & Soil Technician


10:15 am Alfalfa Corn Rotation Nitrogen Soil Fertility Research - National Results

Dr. Matt Yost, USU Extension Agro-climate Specialist


10:50 am Corn and Small Grain Fertility Requirements, Sulfur, Soil pH, Organic Matter, etc.

Dr. Grant Cardon, USU Extension Soil Specialist,


11:25 am Break USU Extension Service Sevier County

11:45 am Selecting Corn Varieties by Maturity, Population, Adding Water to Frosted Corn,etc.

Dr. Earl Creech, USU Extension Agronomy Specialist,


12:20 pm “Don’t Bet the Farm” - Prove it to Yourself: Doing Your Own On-Farm Research

Jody A. Gale, USU Extension Agent Sevier County

email: 435.893.0470

12:30 pm Lunch (For Those Who RSVP)) - USU Extension Service Sevier County

1:00+ pm Weird Weather & 2018 Irrigation Water Outlook

Troy Brosten, USDA-NRCS, Snow Survey Supervisor


1:45 pm UDAF Program Responsibilities, Pesticide Licensing, & Grasshopper Outlook

Mika Roberts & Kasey King, Utah Dept. Ag. & Food, Compliance Specialists,

email: 435.893.0467, 435.893.0477

2:05 pm Insect Control & Research, Blue Alfalfa Aphids, etc.

Steve Price, USU Extension Agent Carbon County


2:40 pm Spider Mite Control in Corn, IPM Beneficial Insect Management, Resistance, etc.

Dr. Ricardo Ramirez, USU Extension Entomology Specialist


3:15 pm Break USU Extension Service Sevier County

3:30 pm Weed Control & Research, Cutleaf Vipergrass, Curly Dock, etc.

Dr. Corey Ransom,USU Extension Weed Specialist,


4:00 pm Irrigation Management Research, What are Growing Degree Days, etc.

Dr. Niel Allen, USU Extension Irrigation Specialist,


4:30pm Adjourn

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