County hires new advocate – Saunders joins CJC to help victims

Amy Saunders

After being a victim of a crime, many people are lost as to the next step in becoming whole.

Amy Sanders, as Sevier County’s new victim advocate, is working to help people restore their lives.

“I get to help victims, that’s the best part of this job,” Sanders said. She started working as a deputy probation officer four years ago, working primarily with youth on the work crew. 

However, as Utah’s laws shifted, less emphasis was put on work crew service hours, so Sanders was refocused as the victim services director for the Sixth District Court. 

“It was a way to get help to those who need it,” Sanders said. Her primary focus is in dealing with individuals who have been victims of crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault. However, she also can help people navigate the necessary paperwork as they seek restitution.

Sanders started the position in October 2019. Most of her cases are referred to her through either the Sevier County Attorney’s Office, local police departments or the courts. 

“A lot of it is connecting people to resources that are available to them,” Sanders said. Even simple things, like informing people about the Family Support Center’s ability to provide a supervised place for children during court appearances. 

She also coordinates efforts with service providers, like New Horizons Crisis Center. 

“We try to help each other to get people what they need,” Sanders said. 

Sanders was hired through a Victims of Crime Act grant, which is funded on a two-year basis, said Karen Ashby, Sevier County Children’s Justice Center director. The grant is run through the CJC office.

“She has a great background in victim services,” Ashby said. “She’s always cheerful and willing to help.”

Amy lives in Richfield with her husband, Wes, and their three children. 

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