Students at Richfield High School were recognized for their outstanding achievements in various science classes for the first semester. Those recognized include – 

• Earth science students – Adam Olson, Addisen Bastian, Breckyn Hopper, Brik Brienholt, Britten Christensen, Colter Busk, Dayson Torgersen, Echo Pallesen, Jayden Lewis, Jenay Peterson, Kadi Smith, Katie Gurney, Keaton Ames, Krishana Shan, Luke Jensen, Mayson Hitchens, Payton Whitlock, Roper Allen, Traesin Robinson and Treyson Richards

• Physics students – Alvin Gomez-Perez, Kenady Sorenson, Sydney Knutson and Viliami Vakautakakala.

• Chemistry students – Aubrei Jorgensen, Bailey Busk, Ethan Udy, Isabelle May, Izabell Nowers, Kate Robinson, Keenan Janke, Kristine Bird, Madison Hendrickson, Mckelle Sydall and Tyler Saunders.

• Biology student – Bridger Norris, Carson Utley, Elijah Landen, Jaymee Quiroz, Khyber Lee, Macey Pace, Megan Ross, Nicole Willardson, Rylee Ames, Sunnie Leavitt, Taylor Tanner and Wyatt Manygoats.

• CE/Human Biology 1050/55 students – Emmett Hinck, Gracie Davis, Jamie Holt and Max Kemp.

• CE/Chemistry 1110/15 students – Annalee Thompson, Breckin Knight, Gavin Brown, Holly Torgersen, Kara Friant, Karlee Thomas, Konner Jensen, Mariah Campbell, Mercedes Perschon, Piper Harris, Kennedy Cowley and Mason Solt.

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