Seating project moving forward

Alivia Winegar, left, Kathleen Schoemig and Kathy Anderson discuss a seating project at South Sevier High School Nov. 11, in Monroe. Volunteers are raising money to enhance the seating at SSHS.

MONROE — An effort to improve the seating at South Sevier High School’s main gym is continuing. 

“This is no small task and we need help and support from SSHS friends and families,” said Kathy Anderson. “Having been part of the school for over 30 years, I know firsthand the generosity of our area.”

Currently the gym’s seating consists of bleachers with no accommodations for wheelchairs. 

“There have already been many valiant and ongoing efforts to raise money to change a section of bleachers to chairs seating,” Anderson said. “Many grandparents and other supporters are not as young as we once were. The bleachers do not accommodate older bones for an extended period of time.”

The project’s aim is to install more comfortable seating as well as areas designed for wheelchairs. The effort is being directed by volunteers and funded through donations.

“When we started the Giving it Back project at the high school, I was overwhelmed by the great generosity and willingness to help others exhibited by our alumni and other supporters in and out of the area,” Anderson said. She said many people who have passed through SSHS’s doors through the years have gone on to be successful in a variety of fields. 

Kathleen Schoemig, class of 1959, contacted her classmates to donate, and the class is now purchasing three seats. 

“I would like to challenge all classes to purchase seats recognizing your class,” Anderson said. “Maybe a little competition here. I have purchased one seat for the class of ’68, can we get more?”

Anderson said it would be awesome to see representation from every class in the seating project. Anderson’s mother purchased a seat for the class of 1948 and in memory of brother, Gayle O. Meacham, class of ’67. 

SSHS senior Alivia Winegar is helping with effort to contact the school’s alumi and families of alumni to help assist in the effort. Anyone who has graduated from SSHS is being asked to help with the effort by making donations. 

Seats can be purchased for $250 to $5,000 depending on location. Donations can be made to Monroe City at 10 North Main Monroe, by check or credit card. For more information, call (435) 527-4621. There is also a page for the effort — click on the magnifying glass icon and enter “SSHS Stadium Seats.”

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