A woman who allegedly broke into a home and stole a Jeep was arrested Sept. 29, according to Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis.

Kyle Martin, 31, Joseph, was arrested on the charges of criminal mischief, burglary of a vehicle and criminal trespass in a dwelling. 

Martin had been traveling from Torrey to Joseph when she got into an argument with her boyfriend near Koosharem on State Route 24, Curtis said. At some point, they pulled over and continued to fight. Martin got out of the vehicle and ran away from her boyfriend. She hid in a ditch until her boyfriend left the area. Martin then left the area on foot and came upon the Forsythe home. The home was unoccupied at the time. Martin climbed into a window well and spent the night, according to Curtis. 

In the morning, Martin climbed through a doggie door and gained access to the garage. 

“Martin eventually pulled a screen from a kitchen window and climbed into the home where she used the telephone and tried calling family members, but was unsuccessful in reaching such,” Curtis said.

At this point, Martin took the homeowner’s Jeep and attempted to drive to Junction to a family member’s house. Martin crashed the Jeep on the way, taking out some fencing along Highway 62. She continued to Junction and was told by the family member to return the Jeep. Martin did so, according to Curtis.

Upon returning to the Forsythe home, Martin did some laundry and took a shower. After eating food from the freezer, she fell asleep in the homeowner’s bed. 

“Martin was still in bed when the homeowners arrived at the home and discovered her,” Curtis said.

Martin was subsequently arrested and booked into jail. A records check found Martin to have five active arrest warrants out of Sevier County Justice Court, which she was booked on as well, according to Curtis.

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