The Richfield City Council approved a proposal to overhaul and repair one of the city’s sewer lift stations. 

The station is used to grind and pump sewage from the southern part of the city to it’s sewer processing lagoons and it is in need of refurbishment, said Keith Mogan, city works director. 

The project, some $570,000 worth of repairs, expansions and upgrades, will give the city a facility that will function for the next 20 to 30 years, said Carson DeMille, engineer. 

“The building itself will be at least a 50-year building,” DeMille said of the structure that will house the pump station upgrade. 

The upgrade will help the city prepare for potential growth on its southern end, DeMille said. 

“Infrastructure is the most important thing,” said Kyp Hansen, council member. 

In a related matter, DeMille submitted a proposal to the council to have the city’s impact fees studied and updated.

“We’ve extended the table a couple of years,” DeMille said. He said the time has come to conduct a study so the city can fully update the fees, and have a legal basis for doing so.

DeMille recommended hiring Cody Deeter, an expert in impact fees, to conduct the study on an hourly basis.

“I think we need to be legally correct,” said Connie Nielsen, council member.

In other business the council — 

• Hosted a public hearing for a proposal to allow for signs larger than 100-square feet. 

The proposed ordinance change would allow businesses located within 1,250 feet of Interstate 70 to have the larger signs.

“Ours won’t even be the biggest one,” said Nathan Young, owner of a Richfield Subway sandwich shop.

He said his business wants to be able to get a permit to install a 144-foot sign, which would be visible from I-70.

No other comments were offered. The council is due to act on the ordinance change at a later date.

• Approved the concept of a conveyor car wash to be located at approximately 1200 South and 100 West. 

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