After weeks of dry weather, fire restrictions have been implemented in all state, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service administered lands in the south central portion of the state.

So far in 2020, fire fighters have battled 89 preventable, human caused wildfires across the Central Utah Interagency Fire Management Area, said Jill Ivie, fire prevention & mitigation officer. In those fires, approximately 2,286 acres of land have been consumed.

“With current forecasted weather conditions coupled with extremely dry conditions, fire managers in central Utah are implementing fire restrictions beginning Monday,” Ivie said. The restrictions cover all unincorporated county, state and federally administered public lands in the following areas in Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Juab, Millard and Sanpete counties.

Incorporated towns and cities are not included in the restrictions.

Restricted activities include —

• No setting, building, maintaining, attending, or using open fires of any kind, except within the facilities designated for them in improved campgrounds, picnic areas or home sites where running water is present. Devices fueled by liquid petroleum are allowed.

• No discharging of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices outside of incorporated city limits (city specific restrictions may apply).

• No shooting of exploding targets or tracer ammunition.

• No cutting, grinding, or welding of metal in areas of dry vegetation. This includes acetylene torches.

• No use of equipment without a working and properly maintained spark arrestor (if required).

• No smoking near vegetation or outside of a developed recreation site, personal vehicle, or building.

Agency specific restrictions and reference maps are posted on under the statewide fire restrictions link.

For more information on how you can help prevention unwanted human caused wildfires, visit or on Twitter @UtahWildfire. Together, we can protect your favorite spots in Utah.

“Preventing fires is a partnership,” Ivie said. “Firefighters and the public are in this together to protect life, property, and our natural resources.”

Ivie encouraged people to spread the message about doing one’s part to prevent wildfires by spending a few minutes to take Utah’s Spark Change Wildfire Prevention Pledge at

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