Four-wheeler chase ends in man’s arrest

James Jones

A Richfield man is accused of causing a hit-and-run accident and then leading police on a chase while driving a four-wheeler Aug. 22.

James Jones, 32, allegedly slammed into a vehicle, causing significant damage, before taking off, said Richfield City Police Chief Trent Lloyd.

“He blew through a red light at Center and Main and headed down to 600 East,” Lloyd said. 

Jones sped through stop signs and endangered other people in the area, according to Lloyd.

“The officers were about to call off the chase,” Lloyd said. “He had his dog on the back and was more worried about it falling off than he was the people he was endangering.”

However, Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Richards and Richfield City Police Sgt. Gordon Robison were able to corner Jones in a lot behind Los 5 Amigos on 300 North. 

From that point, officers were able to take Jones into custody. 

The chase resulted in a list of charges including failure to stop at a traffic signal, two counts failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, failure to remain in travel lane, evading police, reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, open container, possession of methamphetamine, restricted driver’s license, operating a vehicle without an interlock device and driving on an alcohol restricted license. 

Jones’ arrest marks the 82nd DUI arrest in Richfield City this year, Lloyd said. He said the trend of most DUIs in the city being related to methamphetamine is continuing from previous years. 

Jones was booked into Sevier County Jail on a $19,000 bond.

Lloyd said while ATVs are allowed on city streets, it is still important to follow traffic laws. This means anyone who does not have a valid driver’s license is not allowed to operate any motor vehicle — including ATVs — on city streets. 

“They have to operate them the same as they would cars,” Lloyd said.

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