Several projects along Interstate 70 in Sevier County are progressing.

The largest is a $14.9 million project near Clear Creek Canyon that is designed to help preserve bridges in the area, said Kevin Kitchen, Utah Department of Transportation communications manager.

“It’s called hydro-demolition,” Kitchen said. The project utilizes high pressure water jets to demolish old concrete on the bridge decks, but keep the steel rebar and other metal elements in place.

This allows crew to add reinforcement where needed due to the aging of the bridges. Once that is down, new concrete is being poured to form a smooth bridge deck, instead of piece-meal repairs, Kitchen said.

“This reconstruction of the decks helps prolong the life of the bridge and helps water drain properly,” Kitchen said. “Because crews are working on entire bridge structures at-a-time, traffic is crossed over onto the other side of the interstate so both directions can use the adjacent parallel bridge structures.”

In all, the project will encompass 14 bridges along I-70, making it the largest hydro-demolition project undertaken by UDOT to date.

“This project was slated to finish by the end of 2019 and is ahead of schedule,” Kitchen said.

New pavement and guardrail has also been installed in a $9.5 million project from I-15 near Cove Fort up to the Summit where the bridge project starts. This is substantially complete. W.W. Clyde & Company is the contractor for both projects.

Another I-70 repair is being completed between Richfield and Salina. The $2.7 million project requires crews to remove specific sections of concrete that are damaged and replace them.

“The contractor has been working on the outside lanes and will move to the inside lanes soon,” Kitchen said. “This work should be finished sometime in September.”

An extended cure time is required for the work, as well as period of time for repair of any broken corners left over when the major portion of the project is complete.  Dry Creek Structures is the contractor on the project.

A pavement preservation job on I-70 between Sigurd and Salina has also begun. This effort is designed to smooth lanes to the extent possible and then overlay them with a thin surface coat.

“We anticipate single lane travel scenarios into October,” Kitchen said.

The project value is approximately $3.8 million, with Staker Parson Companies DBA Hales Sand & Gravel as the contractor.

Hales Sand & Gravel is also working on a $5.8 million project designed to improve the pavement on State Route 24 from Sigurd up to the road’s junction with State Route 118, east of Glenwood.

“The project will also include new pavement on SR-118 from Glenwood through the dugway and up to SR-24,” Kitchen said. “These asphalt overlays will raise the profile of the road.”

The project also includes upgrades for some guardrails and the removal of others that will be replaced with more level shoulders on the sides of the road.

“This project will begin in the next couple of weeks and will last well into the fall,” Kitchen said.

UDOT is also installing new pavement and guardrails along I-15 near Cove Fort.

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