The second annual Rooster Ride helped headline the Trail Days celebration in Richfield Saturday.

The race drew 170 competitors. Professional rider TJ Eisenhart also rode the course, though not as one of the competitors.

The race featured separate distance divisions. Leading the men’s 100-mile division was Stephen Rogers, who won with a time of 4:51:37. Daniel Roth took second, followed by Russell Mason, Richard Hawley and Michael Gomes.

James Mikus won the 80-mile route with a time of 4:46:27, followed by James Rose and Chuck Fontana.

J.J. Peterson won the 52-mile division with a 2:31:45 time. Richard Memory was second, followed by Rory Meacham, Todd Norton and Craig White.

The 35-mile race saw Boyd Wittwer win with a time of 1:44:33.

In the women’s divisions, Jenni Leavitt won the century route with a time of 6:20:48.05, followed closely by Wendy Taboina, who came in at 6:20:48.69.

Lois Remington and Mari Haslam finished third and fourth, respectively.

Sharla Marshall won the 52-mile race with a time of 2:40:49. Kristy Philippi nabbed second, followed by Kelsee Foisy, Kari Morris and Jordan Rhodes.

Jennie Stoker won the women’s 35-miler with a time of 2:02:39. Jackelyn Gonzales followed in second along with Shannon Hunt in third

Trail Days featured two days of entertainment and food on the Richfield City Park, as well as the annual Fish Lake Relay. The event also featured a golf tournament, motorcycle ride and dozens of Corvettes that were passing through the area as part of the National Corvette Caravan, an event that happens once every five years.

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