Bicknell Memorial progressing

A graphic representation of the monuments to be included in the Veterans and Heritage Memorial in Bicknell that is underway. The project is anticipated to be complete by mid-summer in 2020.




BICKNELL – The Bicknell Veterans and Heritage Memorial is making progress. To date, approximately two-thirds of the money needed to build the memorial has been raised, according to Steve Albrecht, memorial committee chair. 

“We have received generous contributions of both money and service from current and former residents of Bicknell, as well as Loa and Richfield residents and businesses,” said Albrecht. “We are so grateful for their generosity. A donor brick with their names engraved will be placed in the concrete walkway.”

The project is in the final stages of preparing the list of veterans who have served from Bicknell, the Bicknell town history and write-ups to be engraved on the monuments. 

The memorial will include five monuments –

The center monument will highlight Kelly Strong’s poem “Freedom Isn’t Free.” The names of veterans who have died in battle or been prisoners of war will be at the bottom of the center monument. 

The monuments flanking both sides of the center monument will include the names of veterans who have served from Bicknell since the town was founded. These veterans will be listed by conflict they were associated with and by their branch of service. 

“This is where we really need the public’s help,” Albrecht said. “If you know of any veteran who has lived in Bicknell/Thurber, even if just for a short time, we would appreciate you informing us of their full name, approximate dates of service, conflict engaged in and branch of the military in which they served.”

Information can be emailed to or call (801) 882-9146.

According to Albrecht, the two end monuments will be historical in nature. The far left monument will explain the history of Bicknell/Thurber. The far right monument will include a description of Bicknell and Wayne County livelihoods and occupations of the people who have lived in the area.

The memorial will also have four or five kiosks with historical facts, a wagon and handcart, as well as historical ranching and logging/sawmill memorabilia. 

“If anyone knows where we can acquire a pioneer wagon or handcart, please contact me,” Albrecht said.

The plan is to have the engraving and monuments finished by March 1, 2020, and the entire memorial completed for dedication before July 24, 2020. The time of the dedication is pending announcement.

“Again, we are so grateful to all who have helped make this memorial possible,” Albrecht said. “It will be a great addition to the town of Bicknell and a fitting way to honor those who have served our country.” 

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