Sevier County Sheriff’s deputies, search and rescue, and EMTs were dispatched to an area called Whiskey Creek, just west of Fremont Indian State Park, May 28. 

A 65-year-old man, Dan Millett, Taylorsville, was able to dial 911 after becoming lost when he left the trail. After leaving the trail Millett was unable to find the path, but could see Interstate 70, so he began going downhill until he was in the bottom of Whiskey Creek. 

Millet was suffering from hypothermia due to not having a jacket and also getting into the water from the creek. Search and rescue was able to get to him just before midnight. Shortly after getting to Millett, DPS Star 9 helicopter arrived on scene and landed nearby. After getting Millett some water and warming him up, search and rescue assisted Millett to the helicopter where he was transported to a waiting ambulance at the Fremont Indian State Park at 2:30 a.m. Millett was checked out and after getting warmed up he was released.

“Thanks to everyone involved, including Fremont Indian State Park staff who assisted us in locating the trails into where this individual was located,’ said Sheriff Nate Curtis. “Utah Aero Bureau, Sevier County Search and Rescue, Sevier County EMS and Sevier County Sheriff’s Office. 

“We want everyone to be prepared for the back country. Go to for more information. In addition, always check local conditions before hiking and be prepared for changing conditions or getting lost.”

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