My son Devin, a senior at Skyline High School, has been mulling over where he wants to go to college. He’s narrowed the field down to the University of Utah and Utah State University and he’s been accepted to both. He’s been weighing the pros and cons of each school.

So much of what we use, we buy from the store — clothes, food, toilet paper, soap, spices, tools, appliances. You name it — chances are you bought it at a store. But, there are some items that we use in our everyday lives that are just there. Oh, they initially came from the store, but they …

I am so grateful that I learned English right from the get-go, as a baby and a child, rather than as a second language when I was older. When I learned the language, I was too young to reason, too young to ask questions, too young to realize just how confusing the language can be. Here are a…

I have to admit that, when it comes to college sports, I am not what you would call a loyal enthusiast. I don’t buy season tickets. I don’t catch all of any team’s games. I don’t really follow any team, but I do favor one — but I’m more of a fair-weather fan. I watch some games if it’s conve…

It’s amazing the knowledge gleaned from e-mails. The other day I received one that imparted some interesting, albeit irrelevant, information. Here are some of the more thought provoking tid-bits, along with my provoked thoughts. Did you know —

Our dog, Jack, loves to go in the car. It doesn’t matter where. He just loves to go for rides. The minute it looks like we’re getting ready to go somewhere, Jack gets excited and starts running around. He runs around the kitchen bar, into the living room through one door, in front of the TV …

My life is going to “beep.” Literally.

Why is it that some things we call “a pair” are truly a pair, while other things that are called “a pair” aren’t at all?

Why is it we make such a big deal about birthdays that end in zero? It’s not just “another birthday.” It’s the big “four-oh” … or “five-oh” … or “whatever-oh.”

Like most folks, I’ve become dependent on my cell phone. Oh, it’s not that I couldn’t get along without one … I could. But I won’t lie and say it would be easy.

I’m under the weather. I have a bit of a bug, the creepin’ crud, the dreaded mung.

Another Christmas has been and gone.

Each year at Christmas, I struggle with trying to come up with something special to write for a Christmas column. I want to write something that will share with you my love for the season, without sounding trite or contrived.

Like most moms, I’m biased when it comes to my boys. I think they’re wonderful. Consequently, I rarely let an opportunity go by where I can boast unabashedly about one of them. And today, I have a perfect opportunity.

OK, I’m overwhelmed. I’m crying, “Uncle.”

While many of the stores have been boasting Christmas trees, wreaths and holiday decorations since before Halloween, I just have a difficult time thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but … the ghosts and goblins have vanished, along with the Halloween candy.

Every year, I find it difficult to write a Thanksgiving column. Not because I am not thankful, or don't have plenty for which to be thankful, but it's hard not to sound shallow when I say, “We all have so much to be thankful for.”

I'm not really into genealogy. I've traced my family tree only back as far as my mother's mother's mother and my dad's dad's dad … but, I must admit, it's fun to hear stories about long dead relatives.

People in this city, this county, this state, and this nation, all recently went through an amazing process. We were given the opportunity to exercise our right to vote.