Have you seen UGLY? We invite you to take a trip across Monroe Mountain from the Forshea Mountain to Manning Meadows Reservoir and back through Dry Creek Canyon and see how UGLY our forest is becoming. It is being raped with no input from and against the will of the people.

They call it “prescribed burn.” The fact is: The plan is to destroy ALL the pine trees across the area and make it solely an aspen forest, to take out every pine tree, either by burning or removing them, piling them up and burning them. Who decides this forest massacre on 41,000 acres – 26,000 burning and 15,000 mechanical thinning?

According to Sports Illustrated several years ago, Marysvale, Utah, was the number one ATV destination in the nation because of its beautiful forests and trails. This form of tourism is great for the economy of Piute County and Marysvale businesses. People I’ve talked to are devastated and shocked as I am and believe it is dumb, stupid, disgusting and asinine.

On 1 Nov. 2018, and again June 27, 2019, the forest service stated their case: 1. Avoid future devastating forest fires. 2. Generate aspen growth. 3. It is a research project to advance fire and smoke modeling systems. 4. Livestock grazing will discontinue for designated periods of time.

They breezed over: 1. Pollution. 2. Erosion. 3. Loss of life of wildlife. 4. Loss of wildlife habitat. 5. Scenic beauty. 6. Restricted areas to visit. 7. Project ugliness. 8. No one can harvest the timber for lumber. 9. No one can use any of the wood for firewood. 10. No one benefits except a couple of dozen firefighters and forest service personnel who are paid to watch, and heavy equipment operators will benefit financially. 11. Not to mention the stress, frustration, bitterness and anxiety this is causing Marysvale citizens, vacationers, campers, people who enjoy fishing and hunting and ATV trail riders, totally livid with anger. 12. Waste of taxpayers money.

It reminds me of the Emperor’s New Clothes story: Two shyster tailors pretend to make the emperor a new suit of imaginary clothes saying that they were so exquisite that only the wise could see them. So as the emperor paraded in his new invisible clothes the people “oohed and ahhed” at their beauty until a child asked, “Why is the emperor in his underwear?” The people then realized – they had been duped!

I believe we are being duped with this prime example of outrageous tyranny!

McVoy H. Barben


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