Boom! Boom! Boom! Once again, on the 4th of July, everyone in our household was awakened at 6 a.m to the salute of the cannons. What are the good reasons for continuing this ancient Richfield tradition anyway? I can’t think of any, hard as I may try. Is the city trying to wake us up? Maybe we need to be up in time to get ready for the parade, more than three hours later. Certainly now days, not all of us are farmers, whom are used to being in their fields at early dawn.

May I propose a better, more contemporary idea? Let’s have the cannons go off at 9:30, signaling the start of the parade. 

That way, more people will be part of this beloved tradition, rather than only for a few early birds. People are also more apt to be in their parade seats when the ‘booms’ commence.

At that time of day, more citizens will be impacted positively, in remembering that the cannons played a major role in winning our independence — freedoms that we celebrate on this blessed day. 

I’ve always believed a breakthrough is a break with…in this case, a break from outdated traditions. 

Todd Pearson


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